Hi, I’m Mary! 
I give science a soul & make courage contagious

Hi, I’m Mary! 
I give science a soul & make courage contagious

My work is at the intersection of mastering everyday fear, courage, and innovation.

These may seem initially unrelated, but to innovate, you must be able to be creative, and that can’t happen when you’re stressed or afraid because the brain’s pre-frontal cortex, the source of our brilliant ideas, goes “offline”. My talks, workshops, immersive experiences, and book Brave New You all support your ability to get that pre-frontal cortex back online and downshift your fear response so you can live more courageously every day.

I was working in a job I hated because
I was afraid to take a leap

Adopted at birth and the youngest of five children, I was the first and only one in my family to go to college. Growing up, I was taught to be happy with having a job, any job. Although my family was loving, many of our core values were rooted in fear.

I was working a full time accounting job that paid well, had benefits, all the bells and whistles… but I hated it. Accounting was not my life’s dream. Accounting wasn’t what I went to school for. It wasn’t the job I thought I would have after working for NASA. 

But here I was… doing accounting day in and day out because “toughing it out no matter what” was nearly a family motto, so I stayed… and stayed… and stayed.

Until one day, I had tailbone pain of mysterious origins that was so excruciating that I couldn’t sit down – a tough sell when you work a desk job fifty hours a week. I saw every doctor I could find and still had zero answers. The physical pain got so bad that something had to change.

So, I finally got the courage to take a leap and accept a role lecturing a single class. Now, teaching a single class would not have paid the bills, so I willingly went from a master’s degree graduate with a full time job to a master’s degree graduate who taught one class for 16 weeks while waiting tables and bartending down the road from the university.

And you know what? As soon as I left that cushy accounting job, my tailbone pain instantly disappeared! My dread, angst, and overwhelm of living a life I didn’t want literally manifested as a pain in my butt!

It gives new meaning to needing a kick in the pants to get motivated, right?

And here is where I truly began my journey of learning, researching, and exploring the human relationship with fear, creativity & innovation.

May my work help you avoid all the pain in the butt experiences that living in fear brings!

Change the conversation around fear

Most of us are never taught how to thrive with our very natural, very human emotions, especially those difficult ones like dread, terror, or insecurity. My job is to change that. To change the collective conversation we have about non-clinical fear and give science based strategies to those looking for a little more courage, a bit more creativity and even maybe a ton more confidence.

I have devoted myself to the study and application of the fear strategies I teach today by truly living the material. My research has never made me fearless, I still feel fear when I’m doing scary stuff – but my strategies helped make me brave. To feel the fear and do it anyway.

I’ve shared my knowledge with millions of people across the world through courses, videos, live talks, podcasts, and writings. But that’s not why this work is important to me. It’s special because of the look on someone’s face when they say my talk gave them the courage to quit a job they hated and start their own business. It’s life-changing (for me) when a young man emails to say he thought of ending it all, and when talking didn’t help, my tools did. It’s beautiful when a senior executive tells me that my strategies changed the way they now relate to their team and family. My tools made them feel powerful enough to reshape their relationship with fear and I can’t wait to share them with you!