“Life Changing Revelations”

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What Teams, Audiences & Communities Get at My Events

  • Neurohacking Tools to Reduce Stress & Anxiety
  • Expert Insights on Fear & Courage
  • Boosts in Bravery, Confidence, and Connection
  • Frameworks for Faster Innovation
  • Engaging, Story-Driven Experiences

My North Star?
To Educate, Empower & Entertain on
Fear, Courage & Innovation

Trusted by the World’s Leading Organizations

American Psychological Association
National Geographic
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Brave New You Keynote

Whether you’re looking to inspire your audience, help them break through barriers, or cultivate resilience during times of change, this keynote is designed to provoke thought and encourage actionable solutions, fostering both personal and professional growth.

Move from inspiration to transformation with this interactive keynote that will change how you experience everyday stress, fear, and anxiety.

This talk is ideal for anyone who wants to lead a more empowered life, from professionals seeking to excel in high-pressure environments to college students aiming to navigate their life with confidence to organizations looking to foster a culture of courage and resilience.

Why Book This Talk?

Get Unstuck: Gain a deeper understanding of how fear works in the brain, how it builds barriers to success, and how to harness this knowledge for more courage, creativity, and innovation.

Learn My Best Neurohacks: Drive personal and professional growth with easy to remember, evidence based tools and strategies for navigating day-to-day stress, fear, and anxiety.

Embrace Challenges: Whether you’re facing personal or professional obstacles, you’ll learn my best techniques for building courage that you can apply immediately to your life and career.

Who’s a Great Fit?

  • Professionals seeking to advance their careers.
  • Teams looking to improve collaboration, innovation, and resilience.
  • Individuals interested in personal development and emotional intelligence.
  • Leaders aiming to foster a positive organizational culture.

It’s not just about facing fear; it’s about thriving despite it.

Brave New You

Strategies, Tools, and Neurohacks to Live More Courageously Every Day

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Fear & Courage Themed Immersive Events

These bespoke experiences are all about getting people to connect, communicate, and bond in a fun but deeply authentic way while upskilling emotional intelligence, fear navigation, and courage building.

Working with you, I personally design and execute an experience that is unique to your group’s characteristics/needs/desires. During the planning process, you decide the ratio of fun to education. These immersive experiences are best for groups of 30 or less as they are highly interactive.

Who’s a Great Fit?

  • Those that want rapid team or community member bonding.
  • Helping groups navigate times of change or high stress.
  • Social groups looking for innovative, yet entertaining, ways to foster connection among their members.

Playful Solutions Innovation Workshops

Communicate Across Silos. Connect Diverse Thinkers. Collaborate Inclusively.

Want to increase creativity, decrease stress and generate more innovative solutions? Then you need an evidence-based framework to provide strategies and understanding so you can move from reactive fear to courageous exploration. One of the traits that separates incredibly high performing leaders like Pixar’s Ed Catmull and Virgin’s Richard Branson from everyone else is their constant and blatant use of the F word: Fear. It’s one of our most basic human emotions and keeps us safe, but it can really get in the way of our goals and desires. When we’re in the throes of even a mild fear response, the intellectual part of our brain where all our brilliant thoughts and ideas come from shuts down as we go into survival mode. Learn how to short circuit this response from the everyday stressors of life to cultivate a personal and organizational culture that supports a healthy relationship with fear for success.

This workshop combines my best neurohacks with the LEGO Serious Play and Design Thinking methodologies for a unique and bespoke workshop based on your needs. Run time is 3 to 7 hours and is best for teams of 15 or less.

Who’s a Great Fit?

  • Perfect for breakthrough thinking, collaboration, and ideation.​
  • For teams that are stuck or hitting communication barriers.
  • Projects that have distinct goals or specific outcomes that they can’t seem to reach.
Mary Poffenroth speaks at an event
Mary Poffenroth Fright Night

Let’s Connect!

To book a keynote: Ashley Himes at Hachette Speakers Bureau ashley.himes@hbgusa.com

For press inquiries:   hello@teampoffenroth.com

To book an immersive event or workshop:  mary @teampoffenroth.com

How Mary Moves Ideas Into Action

Olga Karanikos

“Mary delivered insights for our team in a way that was engaging and emotive. She easily weaves stories together in a way that not only strongly delivers her message but also grabs and maintains her audience’s attention”

Olga Karanikos
Senior Marketing Director, JOVE – EdTech

Sarah Yao Schutzman

“The feedback we received during the event and since has been nothing short of amazing. Your achievements and brilliant spirit are an inspiration to many, so we are honored to highlight you and your body of work. We appreciate your support of our shared mission, and you will always have allies in all of us.”

Sarah Yao Schutzman
CFA Managing Partner, Providence Heights Capital Management, LLC

Victoria Prescott

“Your presentation was amazing! I loved the box breathing technique, and will be practicing it for sure.”

Victoria Prescott
CFA Associate Director, Capital Markets & Investor Relations, Realty Income Corporation

Kate Brownlie Smith

“Mary can make you laugh, cry and learn something new in the space of 15 minutes. Her powerful take-away message encouraged me to reflect on my own expectations of myself, and was a truly valuable experience.”

Kate Brownlie Smith
SparkLab Australia

Casey Clark and Julie Fogh

“Discovering Mary Poffenroth fundamentally changed how we talk about fear with our clients. Her work combines the best of scientific knowledge with an incredibly effective, no-shame, nuts and bolts strategy. This empowering, human, funny, wise approach is game-changing for anyone who wants to make a real impact and show up with all of their humanity intact inside high-stakes moments.”

Casey Clark and Julie Fogh
Co-founders, Vital Voice Training

Jen Ostrosky

“Mary spoke during a training session with our Sales, Marketing and Customer Success teams. As a Director of more tenured Account Managers in Sales, it can sometimes be a challenge to provide learning opportunities of real value. We found Mary to be insightful, engaging and very realistic. The practical suggestions she shared have already led to more purposeful conversations with clients and resulted in sales opportunities progressing.”

Jen Ostrosky
Asst. Sales Director, JoVE – EdTech

Lucy Timms-Davis

“Mary stands out as one of the best public speakers I have come across. She is a natural on stage and truly engages her audience with unique approaches to her subject-matter and her warm and conversational delivery style.”

Lucy Timms-Davis
Imperial College London

Brielan Smiecowski

“Very few speakers have the ability to engage, educate, and capture the full attention of an entire audience in a matter of minutes. Mary is one of those speakers.”

Brielan Smiecowski
BS Strategy

Vanisa Hayrapetionsfard

“Mary’s words were a wakeup call for me. I have been using the RIA method and I am starting to notice a change in my outlook in life.”

Vanisa Hayrapetionsfard

Raquel Taylor

“Mary’s talks and workshops are always very insightful, and you can tell she’s had a great deal of experience in the field of communication. I was impressed with the way she delivers information, giving anecdotes that are both inspiring and relatable.”

Raquel Taylor
Imperial College London

Ashley Hall

“Fearology with Mary Poffenroth (from the Ologies Podcast) just changed by life.”

Ashley Hall
Marketing Coordinator, Nature Center at Shaker Lakes

Josh Silberg

“Mary is an engaging speaker who energized the room with vivid storytelling abilities. She’s poised on stage and her enthusiasm for science communication is infectious.”

Josh Silberg
Hakai Institute

Alie Ward | Ologies

“Mary is my anxiety-busting hero.”

Alie Ward
Host, Ologies Podcast

Michele Martell, Esq.

“We weren’t just learning about our fears and how to face them, we were bonding with each other in a way that wouldn’t have been possible for our group of executives had Mary not created a deeply engaging and entertaining event. The night was wildly successful and really set the stage for our entire event season.”

Michele Martell, Esq.
Media & Technology Attorney

Kristen Procko

“Mary’s ability to translate complex scientific concepts into anecdotes that the general public can appreciate is remarkable. The splashes of humor and intrigue that pepper her presentations engage diverse audiences and connect the public with science.”

Kristen Procko, PhD
University of Texas, Austin

Carolyn Thielman | Estee Lauder

“Mary actually made fear fun! Even more, she allowed me to have a larger vocabulary than “I’m stressed”. I’ve been carrying around the fear wheel she gave me ever since and breaking through the noise of a hectic day to ask myself, ” just what is going on here?”

Carolyn Thielman
Estee Lauder Companies

Ryan Bond | Britannica

“Mary demystifies the complex concepts of fear with comprehensible examples and science that forever changes the way people will experience the world around them.”

Ryan Bond
Director of Digital, Britannica