Welcome to the Outdoor Volunteer Extra Credit Opportunity Page

Below are your options for the extra credit project

Once you complete all the steps, you will receive 15 points extra credit added to your overall score for the term

Step 1: Choose Your Organization

The rules are one event or four hours of outdoor service to our local environment, which ever comes first. You must volunteer at an outdoor/outside event. It’s about getting dirty and connecting to the land. Below are the pre-approved organizations in various locations in the Bay Area.

If you are not in the Bay Area or wish to get approval for an alternative organization, you will need to email me directly to request this. Include a hyperlink to your proposed organization’s volunteer event details. You will not receive extra credit for non-approved organizations.

You will also not get credit for previous volunteer events or volunteer events where you received outside credit (i.e. another class or Greek service hours). One event may only count for one class.

All these organizations are independent of me, so you will need to arrange/contact them individually for details or to sign up for events. Always contact the organization ahead of time to verify that the drop in hours or events are actually happening.

Step 2: Print Out This Sheet & Take it With You to the Event

Step 3: Attend the event, have the above formed signed and take a picture of yourself at the event.

Step 4: Write a one page summary of your experience – single or double space, your choice

Step 5: Upload Your Summary, Picture & Signed Form to Canvas by the Deadline