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This site is provided as a resource to prepare you for a successful start to our fully online synchronous course. It’s not intended to be a comprehensive syllabus – you’ll find that hyperlinked below. These are just the highlights.

GLST 1B – Summer 2024

First Day of Class: June 3, 2024

16 Week Course with Dr. Mary Poffenroth (She/Her)
An Asynchronous, No Zoom Online Course

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Watch a greeting from Ins. Poffenroth

“There is always light. If only we’re brave enough to see it. If only we’re brave enough to be it.”

Amanda Gorman, Author of The Hill We Climb

What You Need to Know

How Our Course Operates

We will have weekly video updates posted to your announcements in Canvas, which are part of the required weekly work of the course. Global Studies 1B at San Jose State University is a 100% online course and is not self-paced (i.e. you will have weekly deadlines).

Our course is synchronous (check MySJSU for start time/date) and you will not see the course appear in your Canvas page until the official first day of class.

Global Studies 1B will keep you engaged each and every week with readings, videos, discussions, and activities. Please note there are no late assignments or makeup work allowed (since you always have at least a week to submit anytime), so it is important you get the assignments submitted before their weekly deadlines.

How to Access Canvas

  • We will be using Canvas as our learning management system.

  • If you are new to using Canvas please take some time before the class begins to familiarize yourself. Once you are familiar with Canvas please make sure you can sign in.

  • If you need additional tips and tricks for using Canvas, check out the resources that SJSU has put together for students.

  • You will not see our course until the first official day of classes.

  • Sign in – if you have any enrollment issues for Canvas please reach out.

Week 1 Path to Success

  1. Sign into Canvas on our first day
  2. Review our full syllabus 
  3. Complete our welcome module, Module 0, no later than the due date listed in Canvas

Required Materials

  • You do not need to buy any materials. My courses are free of material costs to you, therefore there is nothing you need to purchase – just log in on our first day of class and we will go from there.

  • Everything you need will be provided to you in Canvas with no additional fees, charges, or purchases required.



  1. Email  mary.poffenroth@sjsu.edu or Canvas message 
  2. I prefer to be addressed as Instructor Poffenroth and use She/Her pronouns 
  3. I respond to email Monday through Friday, except holidays
  4. Expect a response within 24 hours Monday through Friday and no later than 48 hours. 
  5. More questions? Check out our Q&A Discussion group in Canvas  HERE
Picture of Dr. Mary Poffenroth

More… About Me

Dr. Mary Poffenroth

It’s been over 20 years since I first began my science career at NASA, spending the last 14 years as STEM faculty. With innovation and engagement my top priorities, I’ve been able to bring science out of the academy and into the hands of people across the world ready to use evidence based information to transform their lives through keynote talks and immersive workshops. I’ve done public talks on such stages as TEDx London, Inbound, and SXSW and my work has been featured in legacy media outlets such as Time magazine, Forbes, Science, Entrepreneur, and National Geographic. 

I have personally taught nearly 20,000 adults both in person and online since 2007 and am the author of Write Present Create: Science Communication for Undergraduates. Some of my proudest accomplishments include being a first generation college student that would go on to become a Salzburg Global Fellow, being able to graduate from Imperial College London to round out my three masters degrees (biology, psychology, science communications). 

My research focuses on the intersection of non-clinical fear mastery and innovation for personal/organizational growth. Currently, I am writing a book for Hachette that will be published globally in 2023 called The Courageous Mind.

My Teaching Philosophy

GLST 1B, our class, is a community.

You are not in this alone. To be a successful community, each member must be regularly show up, be curious, be willing to lean into discomfort (ah! Scary!), have a positive attitude, and a willingness to help one another.

Each member of this community is different and those differences will strengthen your learning by yielding unique insights drawn from diverse experiences. We acknowledge the tremendous amount of expertise in our community and encourage you to support and help one another as challenges and questions are shared.

Moving outside of your comfort zone is incredibly difficult sometimes, but necessary to learn and grow. Keep in mind that when you feel struggle, it is a sign that you are learning. We will celebrate that feeling. When mistakes happen (and they will!), we will recognize them as learning moments that contribute to our growth.

I am so excited to work alongside you! Welcome to GLST 1B!

Mary Poffenroth | The Myth of Fearlessness | TEDx
Picture of students talking in class

My Advice for Success

  • Sign into Canvas at least two days a week, one of those should be a Monday for our updates
  • Put deadlines in your planner/calendar
  • Use a speech to text tool, this can help you with your writing and reading of instructions. My favorite is Spechify and VoiceDream
  • Know you’re not alone. Reach out sooner than later…we’re all human here.
Picture of students talking in class

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