How To Properly Cite in CSE in Research Methods

From our research methods assignment…

I wanted to share a quick video I made on the full & complete way to cite that last article in CSE Name Year Style since I graded with a lot of leniency on this one, but the actual paper will be more scrutinized.

The Format Is:

Author(s). Year. Article Title. Journal Title. Vol(Issue):page numbers. doi:

*Pro tip: Do not include the URL of any databases for your journal articles in any of your citations. See the second video below or this University of Houston video or the SJSU Library Guide on Scholarly Versus Mainstream Media.

The correct citation for our example is:

Poffenroth, M. 2021. Fear Appeal in Climate Change Communication: Analysis of The Economist Magazine Covers. Academia Letters. 634(1): 1-6 doi.

How to Cite Our Fear Appeals Article Properly

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