Taking Your B2 at De Anza
to Transfer to SJSU

ESCi01 –> bio 10

Taking your GE B2 – Life Science without a lab is possible at De Anza. In lieu of taking Bio 10 at SJSU, you could take ESCi-01 at De Anza. They are both General Education Area B2 courses. Articulation information from SJSU can be found HERE or downloaded with ESCi01 highlighted HERE.

Please note some majors may require you to take only Bio 10 at SJSU. Please double check with your advisor. The information below is to give you guidelines per the available information at the time of this posting. Always double check with an SJSU advisor if you have any questions about transfer credit. It is easy to access advising.

If you wish to continue, here are the steps:

  1. Register with De Anza directly.
  2. Enroll in my course ESCi-01 – Environmental Science. Make sure to find my name as the course codes changes each term. I am the only instructor that teaches 100% online with zero textbook fees for ESCi01.
  3. Pay your fees. De Anza is currently $31 per unit, this is a 4 unit quarter course, plus base fees of around $55 so the total cost of this course should be around $179 for California residents. More about fees.
  4. Take and finish the course. Summer is six weeks. Fall/Winter/Spring are 12 weeks.
  5. Once grades have posted, submit your De Anza transcripts to SJSU for credit to be added. You must initiate this as it is not automatic, but it is easy to do. More information.

For all questions or concerns regarding transfer credit, please see an official SJSU advisor